Whitehorse student wins Honourable Mention in “Meaning of Home” contest

Hannah, a Grade 4 student in Whitehorse, has received an Honourable Mention in the 2016 Genworth “Meaning of Home” Contest in the on-line category.  Here is Hannah’s entry:

“My home means so much more than wood, nails and screws. Home is where I spend time with my pets, it is where I learned the most important lessons and it is where I feel safe and secure. It seems as if it is made of love and happiness!

Home is where my pets are. When I walk in my door my puppy comes running up to me and it makes me feel so happy to be home! My kitten isn’t allowed outside without a leash so it makes me so happy to be inside with my kitten! I love it when my kitten and puppy come with me to watch a movie. Home is wherever my pets are!

Home is where I learned to be kind and make friends. My parents taught me my most important lessons. My big brother is kind to me which taught me to be kind to everyone. My kitten and puppy taught me to care for everyone. Home is where I learned to be me!

Home is where I feel the safest. I feel safe at home after I am in public for a long time. I feel safe at home because there is always a roof over my head. I feel safe and protected in my home from the cold. If I had to pick a shelter to stay safe in I would pick my home.

I wish for everyone in the world to have what I have. I always complain how small my house is but to some people my house is a mansion! There are way too many people and kids who don’t have homes! It would be so hard I can’t even start to imagine what it would be like to not have a home. That is why I wanted to write this essay and if we win someone in Whitehorse who is in need will have what I have.”

Congratulations Hannah.

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